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Have you ever wondered about the concept of 'mis-sold' PCP finance?

Well, it turns out that a significant number of UK drivers might be owed financial compensation. The FCA's investigation uncovered instances where individuals were being charged excessively in their monthly finance payments.

You could qualify if:

  • Your lender/broker didn't inform you about the commission fees associated with your agreement.
  • The interest rate on your agreement was inflated due to these high commission fees.
  • Your lender/broker failed to provide a clear explanation of the complete terms and workings of your car finance loan. It's essential to be aware of these details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover if you're eligible for compensation on your finance agreements by completing our free online form.

If you've had a finance agreement like PCP or HP in the last decade, you may be eligible for compensation due to mis-selling. Check your eligibility by filling out our free online form.

Your lender must have failed to disclose the commission details on your agreement(s). If your finance details were inadequately explained or you faced higher interest rates due to commissions, you could be eligible for £1,000s. Check our free online form to see if you meet the criteria.

Don't worry if you had an HP loan instead of a PCP agreement – we accept claims for various vehicle finance agreements. Start your claim today with our free online form.